Backstage Note On Paul Heyman’s Run As RAW Creative Director


In a report provided by Fightful Select we have some additional information in regards to Paul Heyman’s run as Executive Director for Monday Night RAW. Heyman’s tenure was from 2019 to 2020, along with some rumored backstage reactions. Heyman was dismissed from the post and replaced by Bruce Prichard last July.

Paul Heyman was integral in creating the post-Draft Raw roster in late 2019. This included Heyman reportedly going “above and beyond” to utilize some of the lesser used talents being called the “catering crew,” who became a part of the Raw brand. Heyman was even notably willing to pass on some of the bigger established names, such as Braun Strowman. Instead, Heyman is said to have prioritized bringing in more polished workers.

Backstage sources were said to have been shocked that Heyman put himself in a position working directly under Vince McMahon. Heyman had already been doing creative work in the Raw writer’s room before he assumed the role of Executive Director. Per the report, Heyman was “the loudest voice” in the Raw writing team before he took on the Executive Director post.

Additionally, the report has some insight on why WWE executives Triple H or Stephanie McMahon weren’t given the role. Stephanie McMahon was said to have been happy with her current role as the Chief Brand Officer and didn’t want the job on RAW. Many sources on Raw believed that if Triple H had wanted the Executive Director job, he would’ve been given it.

Instead, it went to Heyman, and Eric Bischoff became the short-lived Executive Director SmackDown. Bischoff was let go from his role as Executive Director of SmackDown just a few months after he was announced.

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