Backstage Note On Sting’s Status With WWE – Full Details


Recently, WWE pulled all the Sting merchandise from the WWE Shop. Dave Meltzer addressed the topic on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio broadcast. Meltzer stated that Sting’s WWE contract is up and has been for a while now.

There had been rumors swirling around that Sting was no longer under contract with WWE going back to last May. They started surfacing after Mattel removed a Sting figure from the Legend Series 7 line earlier that month.

This is similar to how Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract was handled. Although Lesnar’s WWE contract had actually expired earlier in the year after WrestleMania 36. However, it didn’t become widely known until WWE stopped selling Brock Lesnar’s merchandise from the WWE Shop several months later.

So, it appears WWE contracts allow the company continue selling a talent’s merchandise for a period of time until after their contracts expire and they enter free agency. The exact time frame WWE is allowed to sell merchandise after the deals expire is unknown, but it lasts for at least several months.

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