Tessa Blanchard

Backstage Note On “The Diamond Mine” Teaser On NXT, Tessa Blanchard Connection?


Seems as though there have been some rumors floating around regarding where former Impact Wrestling World Champion Tessa Blanchard will end up next.

More recently, in spite of speculation that Tessa could be heading to AEW, there has been a bit of a tease that would lead some fans to believe she may be coming to NXT. A video aired on last week’s NXT for “The Diamond Mine”, which seemed to be a loose connection to Tessa Blanchard’s character. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. According to Fightful, WWE was not expecting fans to connect the dots between the vignette and Tessa Blanchard, and the WWE Universe should not get their hopes up on Blanchard heading to WWE (or NXT) anytime soon.

In relation to the Blanchard to AEW rumors, most of the talent at the recent AEW tapings claimed that potential talks for Blanchard to join AEW were a “firm no” at this point.

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