Backstage Note On The Harassment Of AEW’s Riho That Led To Her Quitting Twitter


Former AEW Women’s World Champion Riho was recently abused on social media, causing her to delete her Twitter account this past week.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the online abuse is no less than a concentrated effort to attack the former AEW Women’s Champion.


It was noted that the online attacks increased following Riho’s return to AEW television. Jay Dumont, a friend of several people in AEW and WWE, made an effort to cheer her up on social media. Dumont asked people to send Riho messages they would put in a card for her.

However, the individuals harassing Riho and others who decided to hate on her held online meetings and organized a counter-effort to ruin the happy cause. The harassers sent several hateful messages in with the ones meant to cheer Riho up, hence Dumont had to cut the project off early. Then another unnamed individual checked each message individually to filter out the hateful ones.

Riho was then handed the positive messages and was said to have been “grateful and emotional” over it. She later stated that she had no idea she was loved by such a huge fanbase.

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