Backstage Note On The Original Plans For WWE’s “Cleopatra Egg” Angle


As many of you know, WWE was involved in a cross-promotion angle with Red Notice during last week’s Survivor Series and RAW TV tapings. The segment featured the “Cleopatra Egg” from the Netflix film being used as a prop. The angle featured MacGuffin where Vince McMahon was gifted the egg at the Survivor Series pay-per-view event. Later in the show, the egg turned up missing from Vince’s office and he demanded it be found by Monday’s RAW. The segment eventually led to Austin Theory being the culprit, saying he just wanted to take a selfie with it. Vince McMahon was impressed and Theory wound up getting a WWE Championship match.

According to a report from Fightful, the original plan was “much worse” than what we saw and it had much lower stakes. One of the pitches that was made was to have the WWE 24/7 Championship be the focus of the egg angle. That idea was shot down by the teams associated with The Rock and/or the film itself. McMahon’s involvement in the angle was said to have been a make-good in order to add more importance to the angle.

The cross-promotional deal between WWE and Netflix/Red Notice was worth seven figures.

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