Backstage Note On WWE Superstars Showing Appreciation For Michael Cole


Seems as though WWE officials and Superstars have been showing a lot of love and appreciation for Michael Cole’s abilities as of late. For instance, Cole did make a mistake during WrestleMania 37: Night One after saying Sasha Banks kicked out at the end of her match with Bianca Belair, which she obviously did not as Belair won the match and the SmackDown Women’s Title. Cole did not receive any heat for this whatsoever backstage.

Most in WWE felt it was one of those cases that falls in the category of “sh*t happens, it sucks, but you just deal with it and move on”. Other errors on commentary as of late have led the WWE Superstars to realize just how good Cole can be on the microphone. Cole did admit to the mistake at WrestleMania 37 backstage and owned up to it, with the general response being that it was simply an accident and nothing more.

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