Backstage Note Regarding Daniel Bryan’s WWE Status, ROH Contract Offer?


As most of you know by now, Daniel Bryan’s WWE contract has expired. WWE is currently “pushing hard” to get Bryan to sign a new deal but it hasn’t happened just yet.

According to reports, Bryan didn’t seem to make a big fuss about possibly leaving WWE. Numerous WWE Superstars found out about the news over the course of the last few weeks heading into WrestleMania 37. With that being said, Ring of Honor (ROH) is expected to make a big offer to Bryan for him to return to the company if he decides to leave WWE.

Additionally, two wrestlers from AEW firmly believe that Bryan, if he were to return to pro wrestling, would stick with WWE rather than make a move to AEW, Impact, ROH or NJPW. One wrestler has allegedly stated that Bryan is looking to return to WWE when the time is right, whether that would be in the near future or in the months to come.

As noted above, WWE is reportedly “pushing hard” to sign Bryan to a new contract after his most recent deal expired last Friday. On the latest episode of SmackDown on FOX, Bryan lost a Universal title match against champion Roman Reigns that forced him to leave the SmackDown brand.

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