Backstage Notes On Matt Riddle’s SmackDown Debut Segment – Details


According to Fightful, we have new details on how Matt Riddle’s debut segment on the June 19th edition of SmackDown came about.

The segment was set up with lines of dialogue on a paper on the table in front of both Renee Young and AJ Styles for that segment. AJ made some funny remarks during the taping of this promo, as he joked about Daniel Bryan and his “fake velcro around his waist”. John Laurinaitis played a hand in the segment as well, coaching everyone from over the PA system so everyone could reposition themselves before Riddle came out to the ring.

At one point, Riddle delivered one of AJ’s lines then followed up with “my bad bro” that had the NXT trainees at ringside laughing their heads off.

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