Backstage RAW News: When The Lesnar Angle Was Shot


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— The Brock Lesnar angle that aired tonight where he ripped apart Triple H’s WWE offices was shot last week.

— Several people at WWE HQ and backstage at RAW were talking about a court ruling today in Michael Savage’s lawsuit against Talk Radio Network. Savage had filed suit against the syndicator to get out of his contract, arguing that the network had inserted “illegal and unenforceable” provisions into his contract and used other strong-arming tactics to force him into a “sub-standard agreement.” Savage won $863,000 in withheld pay, along with the rights to his radio show.

The reason this was such a topic of interest is the fact that WWE contracts contain similar language to Savage’s deal, including his status as an independent contractor who is treated as if he was a company locked into a deal with another company.

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