Backstage Reaction To AW’s Firing – Talents Pissed Off


Source(s): & The Wrestling Observer

Wrestler reaction to A.W.’s firing by WWE on Friday for what a company spokesman said was due to his continued use of offensive and inappropriate comments on live television and on social media after making a rape joke on the July 30 episode of RAW is said to be as negative to any termination in a long time.

Upon learning of the news, A.W. posted a barrage of Twitter messages roasting the sports-entertainment organization for what he perceives are double standards, such as Big Show making a similar remark referencing NBA player Kobe Bryant’s sexual assault case years ago and Vince McMahon reneging WWE’s anti-bullying campaign on Raw weeks ago by ridiculing Jim Ross’ affliction with Bell’s palsy. Though it would appear that he is squashing any chance of a return to the organization with each scathing tweet, some people see things otherwise.

One source says “The more he says, the better his chances of being brought back in a while.

“Vince has no respect for people he bullies and don’t fight back.

“He hired Bischoff, Bret (spent ten years begging for him to comeback and even brought him back after Bret walked out on him the day of Mania), Sable, Billy Graham, yet never touched Heenan except for one shots. I doubt even he knows it but he’s playing it smart in the long run.”

As we exclusively noted yesterday via, there are numerous mid-card talents who feel the same way A.W. does but haven’t spoken out yet due to fear of being fired from the company. One source told us “Things are going to get real interesting over the next few weeks if something isn’t done about the current frustration” within the company. The issue is it’s not just one or two guys who are pissed off right now – it’s over half of the current WWE roster who are basically coming together as one and will be speaking up sooner than later. The main issues are travel and current pay. They basically feel like they’re being treated like “sh*t” and to be honest – they are as you’re dealing with a multi-million dollar company who is being ridiculously cheap to the guys who make them all that money. We’ll post more later showing you how the company is treating their talents and it’ll start to make sense for you guys who feel they’re lucky to have a job in the first place. JTG pretty much set the tone with his tweets prior to RAW last Monday and many will or want to follow his lead. WWE did something yesterday to try to calm the situation and we’ll be posting a major exclusive update on what that was later this evening here on the website. We’ve got numerous exclusive posts coming tonight so you’re going to want to stay tuned for that.

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