Backstage Reaction To CM Punk Going Off Script


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— As we reported earlier this week, the rant CM Punk made towards the fan in the front row on Monday’s edition of WWE RAW was completely unscripted, and was a legitimate emotional reaction on the part of Punk himself.

According to fans at the event, while the individual who received Punk’s verbal venom on Monday was being obnoxious in his heckling of the WWE Superstar, he didn’t seem to say or do anything over the top to warrant such a visceral response.

The word going around backstage at RAW on Monday was that Punk was said to be in a particularly bad mood, which isn’t completely out of the ordinary, as Punk has a reputation of being grumpy at times.

It should be noted that while WWE doesn’t necessarily condone such behavior from babyfaces specifically, there was said to be no heat on Punk for the outburst. In fact, the general consensus was that due to the response elicited from the crowd, and the fact that Paul Heyman was quick enough on his feet to use the situation during his speaking points, it actually added to the segment and the eventual showdown with Curtis Axel later on.

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