Backstage Reaction To John Cena’s RAW Promo & More


— One of the big topics of discussion last night after RAW was how bad the John Cena promo was, especially since it was closing the show and came after strong work from CM Punk and The Rock.

ESPN was also not impressed with Cena’s promo to close the show last night, noting the following…

This man used to be money on the mic, but his promo on Raw was seriously one of the most ridiculous, time-wasting experiences I’ve sat through in years. Curious to know whether his writers are really this out of touch, or if Cena actually thinks he’s being funny.

As noted earlier here on the website, ESPN has updated their weekly WWE Power Rankings. They are as follows…

1. CM Punk (1)

2. Dolph Ziggler (3)

3. The Shield (9)

4. Alberto Del Rio (4)

5. The Rock (2)

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