Backstage Reaction To The SummerSlam Ending



The feeling backstage was said to be very mixed on the end of the SummerSlam PPV last night. Everyone felt that the work was fantastic in the main event, but the post match events and Orton winning title caused a split opinion. Some feel that this will lead to a great story, where Bryan gets his revenge, and it will get him over even more. Others feel that the company should have let Bryan have his moment and that it would have made him right there.

As far as the way the title change was done, many feel that it made no sense for Bryan to take one Pedigree and that there was so much time between that and Orton cashing in and then pinning him with no additional offense. The feeling from some is that it was ridiculous that Bryan took one move from a largely retired wrestler after he just survived the onslaught from the company’s top guy, John Cena.

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