Backstage Report – Eli Drake Confronts Jeff Jarrett Backstage At Last Week’s iMPACT! Wrestling TV Tapings



During tonight’s iMPACT! Wrestling broadcast, there will be several segments where shots are taken at the previous regime (Dixie Carter, etc.). This reportedly upset some wrestlers backstage as some of them felt it was a shot at the roster just as much as the previous members of management. TNA Superstar Eli Drake was said to have been very upset with one of the segments and confronted Jeff Jarrett about it. Although the meeting didn’t become ugly, Drake clearly voiced his frustrations that many of the talents on the existing roster were having issues with the changeover.


It should also be noted that some of the talents feel that the shots at the previous regime were unfair, because they didn’t see them as a shot at management, but as everyone who had been working there. Many of the talents felt there was nothing wrong with their work, but that the message the segments sent ruffled some feathers. Drake went right to Jarrett and voiced that and also spoke with Bruce Prichard about the issues.

Regarding the segments, which will air late on the show, they were said to be aimed at former members of management (Dixie Carter) with the idea of them to distance the company going forward without an official reboot. Some felt that they came off as awkward since John Gaburick was heavily involved in the old creative, and is now working backstage while his era was being verbally attacked. Many talents felt that they had proven themselves, but were now starting over and had to prove themselves to the new Jarrett regime.

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