Backstage Report – John Cena Holds A Major Talent Meeting Prior To Tonight’s RAW


According to confirmed “WWE insider” MetsFan4Ever on Reddit, there
was a talent-only meeting held at RAW earlier today by John Cena. The meeting
was held due to a general sense of dissatisfaction over TLC last night; while it
was known that NXT Takeover: R Evolution was hard to top, there were some who
thought it possible and obviously that didn’t happen.

There was talk backstage that some talent knew that the show wouldn’t top NXT
so they “mailed in” their matches as a silent protest in support of Triple H,
feeling that it’s time he took the lead with the main shows. Cena’s meeting was
described as “forceful yet calm” in approach and he stressed that the roster
doesn’t need a silent protest; they need to “go out there and start stepping it
up every night for their point to be proven.”

Of course, take this for what it’s worth as we have been unable to confirm
this report as of this writing.

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