Backstage Report on Rules for WWE Superstars Heading to Saudi Arabia


According to tweets from Rajah, the following is a list of guidelines for WWE Superstars heading over to Saudi Arabia this upcoming week for the WWE Super ShowDown event on June 7th:

    • Do not travel to Mecca or Medina or visit any mosques
    • Do not sign anything in Arabic
    • Do not bring any pets
    • Driving is not recommended
    • Avoid beckoning with fingers and crossing legs during meetings
    • Avoid entering an elevator full of locals of the opposite gender
    • Avoid street vendors and be wary of “camel products”
    • Do not point at anyone or show the soles of your shoes

WWE is already one year into a reported 10-year agreement to do shows in Saudi Arabia. Many superstars like John Cena, Daniel Bryan, and Kevin Owens opt-out of shows like next Friday’s Super ShowDown. On the flipside, Guys like Roman Reigns see this as an opportunity to be an agent of change.

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