CHICAGO, IL - AUGUST 21: WWE Diva Paige attends Wizard World Comic Con Chicago 2015 at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center on August 21, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Backstage Report – Paige “Struggling” With Being Forced Into Early Retirement


Here are several additional updates regarding the Paige situation. As previously reported here on, the former Divas champion was told last week that her in-ring career is over. As we noted earlier today, she was reportedly told that she shouldn’t return to the ring at all after her initial neck injury was repaired. During her appearance on Lilian Garcia’s podcast several weeks ago, Paige said the same thing. She said that doctors advised her not to return but “doctors don’t understand how pro wrestlers” think and want to perform. She was eventually cleared by WWE before a stinger suffered in a match with Sasha Banks put her out again and ended her in-ring career.

If Paige wanted to return to wrestling after leaving WWE, she still could. The decision to retire her was one made by WWE. She’s in a similar place as Daniel Bryan where once she’s no longer under WWE contract, she could keep wrestling if she wanted, even if there were health risks.

She’s currently backstage at RAW in San Antonio, Texas, but there’s no word on what her role would be. During her appearance last week she led Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville to the ring.

Meanwhile, there is no heat on Sasha Banks over the situation. It’s believed that the incident could have happened with anyone and Banks was not to blame. The two performed the same spot the night before the injury at a live event at Madison Square Garden.

Paige will likely have a role with WWE going forward, especially when it pertains to Fighting with my Family, the film based on her life. WWE will hold an advance screening of the film during Wrestlemania 34 weekend in New Orleans.

Hollywood Life reports that Paige is having difficulty accepting that her in-ring career is over. According to a source in WWE, the RAW star “has been burying her head in the sand ever since her latest injury, and she’s been struggling to acknowledge that her wrestling career is probably over for good.”

The source goes on to say, “It’s really sad, she’s still only 25, and she should be at the peak of her career—instead, it’s looking ever more likely that Paige is going to be forced to announce her retirement.”

Paige was reportedly informed last week on Raw that WWE officials would not clear her due to her most recent injury, describing it as a situation similar to when Edge was forced to retire. She is expected to get a new role in the company and has no plans to leave.

“This is all still fresh on her mind and she is very sad and has definitely felt that this is more bad luck for her in a year that has had many ups and downs,” the site’s source also said. “She doesn’t really believe it and is actually hoping for a miracle to someday wrestle again. She knows it is far fetched but her emotions are all over the place right now and she hasn’t accepted retirement just yet.”

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