​Backstage Report – Prince Puma Offered A Major Contract With Lucha Underground


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

According to sources, Prince Puma (Ricochet) was offered a major new multi-year deal with Lucha Underground that would see him receive a “considerable amount of money.” Puma is involved in a top match with major storyline ramifications at Ultima Lucha 3 so it appears his deadline to sign the Lucha Underground contract is this weekend.


The new deal is said to be a significant money offer, for four or five seasons, which would also allow him to work New Japan and other independent dates he wants. Those close to the deal say that between the Lucha Underground deal and money he’d make in NJPW, that Mann would be one of the highest paid non-WWE talents in the business, behind talent like Mysterio, the Hardys and Tanahashi.

WWE reportedly wants to sign him, but those close to the situation feel that they will not guarantee him anywhere near what Lucha Underground is. Also, under the Lucha Underground deal, he would control his total amount of dates and be making his own schedule outside of the tapings. If Puma doesn’t sign with Lucha Underground, he would not be able to sign with WWE until the end of season three, which will not air until later in 2017.

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