Backstage Report – More On Rob Gronkowski At WrestleMania, Jeff Hardy Can Travel To The UK


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

As previously reported, the New England Patriots reportedly gave Rob Gronkowski permission to do his angle at WrestleMania 33. Gronkowski got involved in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal after Jinder Mahal threw a drink on him. Gronkowski’s involvement led to his real life friend Mojo Rawley willing the match.


Standard NFL contracts don’t allow players to engage in any activity that involves a significant risk of injury, and in the past, several NFL players have had teams shoot down potential involvement in wrestling. This happened when TNA signed Pacman Jones, made a huge deal about it, and then he wasn’t able to do anything physical.

Jeff Hardy is allowed to travel and wrestle in the UK. He had not been allowed to travel there following his 2009 drug possession and conspiracy to traffic in drugs convictions. The case wrapped up in 2011, and he was not allowed into the UK for five years after the conviction as long as he had no other legal issue during that time.

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