Backstage Rumor Killer On Brock Lesnar Signing With AEW


Earlier this week, there were rumors that surfaced on some websites (not here) that Brock Lesnar had either signed with or was in talks to join AEW. According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that is not the case. AEW President Tony Khan has never had any business discussions with Lesnar. The stories that Lesnar has secretly signed with the company are “100 percent inaccurate.”

Lesnar isn’t under contract to AEW, WWE, UFC, Triller, Bellator or anyone else at this point. He also hasn’t been negotiating with WWE because he believes the competition will raise his value. For what it’s worth, Lesnar pitted the UFC and WWE against each other several years ago and took the best money option. So when he’s ready to return, he will likely do the same with whoever wants him the most. Basically, he’s not loyal to anyone and will go where the most money is being offered.

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