Backstage Rumor On Some Possible Names For The Return Of WWE Tough Enough Inside Here


According to known WWE insider (and Reddit user) MetsFan4Ever, the “casting call” that was making the rounds recently for WWE’s new season of Tough Enough was not legitimate. That call was cut & pasted from the last Tough Enough casting call.

The show will aapparently include NXT talent who have not appeared on TV yet, with the company looking at people who were at least week’s tryout camp. People from USA Network were said to be interested in some of the participants but that NXT has the right to offer a deal to any members of the camp first. If they pass, USA Network can offer then a spot on Tough Enough.

It was noted that a third-generation wrestler at the camp was offered a spot on the show, but they have to wait and see if WWE will offer them an NXT deal first. The exact identity isn’t known but it could be Tessa Blanchard, who was said to be at the camp.

Please tale this STRICTLY as a rumor for now considering the source.

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