Tuesday, July 23, 2024
NewsBackstage Rumor - WWE SmackDown! Live to be 3-Hours on FOX?

Backstage Rumor – WWE SmackDown! Live to be 3-Hours on FOX?



According to Dave Meltzer, there is talk of WWE SmackDown! Live going three-hours when it debuts on the FOX Network this fall. The first two hours of the show will obviously air on the main FOX channel, and then a final hour may air over on FOX Sports 1. This is due to local news broadcasts that have the 10PM EST timeslot locked down.

Of course, this is just speculation at this point, but “there’s definitely a chance on that. Because the feeling is that since they have to film anyway, and 205 Live is kind of like a waste of air, it’s not working, that maybe what they’ll do is they’ll do the two hours from 8PM to 10PM on Friday nights, and hour three from 10PM to 11PM on FOX Sports 1.”

The timing of the show reportedly wasn’t talked about during the initial negotiations with FOX, but the financial community is “expecting it.”

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