Backstage Speculation On Why WWE Didn’t Mention Brock Lesnar On RAW


As seen during the UFC 226 pay-per-view event this past Saturday night, current WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar showed up and challenged Daniel Cormier for the UFC World Heavyweight Championship. As seen during last night’s WWE RAW broadcast, there was no mention of Lesnar at all, despite the fact that his UFC appearance fits perfectly with WWE’s storyline about Lesnar wanting to leave the company for the UFC. Lesnar is also featured all over major mainstream media outlets so the fact that WWE didn’t even mention his name is interesting to say the least.

According to Dave Meltzer, “something’s up” and something “has to have changed regarding the company’s relationship with Lesnar” with the past week. There are rumors that Lesnar and WWE aren’t on good terms right now. We hope to have more on this shortly. Stay tuned.

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