Backstage Speculation That WWE May Alter KENTA’s In-Ring Style – Find Out Why Inside Here


Source: The Wrestling Observer

There is speculation that KENTA’s move set will have to change after he
debuts in WWE. Some of KENTA’s signature moves were previously adapted in the
WWE, including: the Go To Sleep, which is KENTA’s finishing move, and CM Punk
used the move before he left.

According to sources, the move will have to change because WWE will not want
to remind fans of Punk. KENTA also uses the Busaiku knee, which Daniel Bryan
used before his injury. His submission move, Game Over, is the same as Daniel
Bryan’s Yes Lock as well.

CM Punk and Daniel Bryan as well as many others have credited KENTA for some
of the stuff they do. It’s no secret that many WWE, TNA and ROH talents look up
to guys like KENTA and other Japanese stars.

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