Backstage Triple H/Lesnar Plans, Del Rio/Sheamus Update


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— Word is that Brock Lesnar’s upcoming match against Triple H against SummerSlam will be a one-shot deal, with no rematch planned. At this time, the plan is for Lesnar to win and get his heat back following his loss to John Cena at Extreme Rules.

— The match between Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship has yet to be made official for SummerSlam. It was said on RAW that Del Rio wouldn’t wrestle until he gets his World Heavyweight title match, and it’s said that if that’s true, we wouldn’t see him in a match until SummerSlam. While Del Rio will likely be in the title match, WWE hasn’t announced it yet but were speaking as if they were.

— In an update from our earlier report, Trendrr.TV reports that RAW’s social media score was down to 259,203, which was down 71 percent from last week’s record-high of 907,443. RAW was ranked #6 on cable TV, which was only slightly higher than the two-hour RAW on July 16, which scored 240,889. Here is a breakdown of the three-hour Raws in 2012…

* Apr. 23: 198,893

* June 11: 183,420

* July 23: 907,443

* July 30: 259,203

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