Backstage Update: Alberto Del Rio’s Power & Plans


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Alberto Del Rio is going to get a big push this year for several reasons. One is due to the lack of roster depth on SmackDown and another is the fact that Del Rio has said publicly he does not plan to wrestle for many more years. Vince McMahon is said to be high on Del Rio and has been for quite some time now.

Since WWE’s other Mexican stars (Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara) have their own problems, Del Rio has leverage behind-the-scenes as to what he can do with his character.

We reported earlier this week that Del Rio has been told to display a more ruthless, aggressive heel character. Alberto Del Rio was told byt Vince McMahon that he wants to see more aggression and the attacks on Sin Cara and Sheamus are examples of that.

There are reportedly plans to put the World Title on Del Rio sometime this year.

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