Backstage Update: Cameron’s WWE Suspension & Future


Partial Source: Pwinsider

As noted earlier today here on the website, WWE Diva Cameron (aka Ariane Andrew) has been suspended by WWE following her DUI arrest on August 24th. The suspension started on Friday and will run fifteen days, through September 14th. Cameron had been in the air headed to Australia when the company found out about the suspension and she was pulled off the last date of the tour.

As previously reported, there is a ton of heat over the fact that the company didn’t find out about the arrest until reports surfaced online. It didn’t help that she was part of the first act featured on WWE’s Saturday Morning Slam which is a kids-oriented show. The length of the suspension is not yet confirmed, though one source noted, “They suspended Tiffany too, and we never saw her return, so who knows if Cameron will, either?”

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