Backstage Update – Christian & R-Truth WWE Returns


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Word is that Christian and R-Truth are expected to return to action within the next two weeks.

— Here is a list of part-time stars currently advertised for TV tapings on the Road to WrestleMania

* Feb. 11 Raw (Nashville, Tenn.): The Rock, Chris Jericho, no Lesnar.

* Feb. 12 SD (Little Rock, Ark.): Rock, Jericho.

* Feb. 17 E. Chamber PPV (New Orleans): Rock, Jericho, no Lesnar.

* Feb. 18 Raw (Lafayette, La.): Rock, Jericho, no Lesnar.

* Feb. 19 SD (Biloxi, Miss.): No part-timers.

* Feb. 25 Raw (Dallas, Tex.): Lesnar only.

* Feb. 26 SD (OKC): No part-timers.

* Mar. 4 Raw (Buffalo, N.Y.): The Rock only.

* Mar. 5 SD (Albany, N.Y.): No part-timers.

* Mar. 11 Raw (Indianapolis, Ind.): Lesnar, Jericho, no Rock.

* Mar. 12 SD (Ft. Wayne, Ind.): Jericho only.

* Mar. 18 Raw (Pittsburgh, Pa.): Jericho only.

* Mar. 19 SD (Cincinnati, Ohio): Jericho only.

* Mar. 25 Raw (Philadelphia, Pa.): Rock, Jericho, no Brock.

* Mar. 26 SD (Hershey, Pa.): Rock, Jericho.

* Apr. 1 Raw (Washington, D.C.): Pre-WM29 with Rock, Lesnar, Jericho.

* Apr. 7 WM29 (MetLife Stadium): The Rock official.

* Apr. 8 Raw (E. Rutherford, N.J.): Day-after Mania with Rock, Jericho advertised.

* Apr. 9 SD (Boston, Mass): Triple H, Jericho advertised.

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