Backstage Update & Correction On Emma’s Booking Prices, Creative Control Requests & Future On The Indies


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Here is the latest on Tenille “Emma” Dashwood’s booking/asking price and future on the indie scene.

According to sources, the $2,000 per show booking price figure that was reported on last week is only for shows that take place outside of the United States (Europe, Japan, etc.). The former WWE women’s wrestler is reportedly charging $1,500 per show in the United States, plus round-trip airfare, hotel and ground transportation.

For those unaware, indie promoters are expected to provide hotels and ground transportation for their talent. Talent in WWE are forced to pay for that on their own. Dashwood asking for a higher rate for international shows is nothing out of the ordinary, as the travel is harder and you can often miss a day of regular bookings due to it. Dashwood is also reportedly asking for a 50/50 split between her and the promotion for any autographs and/or photos she signs. She is also asking for 100% of her own other merchandise money, which is very consistent with most guidelines on the indies.

“Emma” is also asking for creative control so she can approve of who’s she’s facing beforehand and can come up with her own finishes of the matches. She is also asking for a 50% deposit ahead of time. Again, this is consistent with what most former WWE Superstars ask as it’s very well known that there are numerous indie promoters who “screw over” talent and they are never paid once they arrive at the shows.

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