Backstage Update: Jim Ross To Call WrestleMania?


Source: The Wrestling Observer

It won’t be decided until next week if Jim Ross will have any role in Wrestlemania 28.

It is believed that The Undertaker requested that Ross call his match again this year, but the decision will come down to what Vince McMahon says.

UPDATE: Jim Ross posted on his Twitter that it’s “100 percent rumor” that he’ll call The Undertaker vs Triple H at Wrestlemania 28 in three weeks.

Speaking of Jim Ross, he has a new blog entry posted at Here are the highlights…

On Not All Horsemen Members Not Being Recognized at the HOF: How come every incarnation of every Horseman entity isn’t being recognized? I’m not aware of why but to me it makes no sense to recognize every wrestler that had a proverbial cup of coffee as a Horseman. WWE decided to go with the group that they felt was the most viable and I happen to agree that the quartet of Flair, Arn, Tully, and Windham, along with manager JJ Dillon, was the best all around in ring grouping of the famous faction. That doesn’t mean that statement is right or wrong but only that it’s my personal opinion.

On Indy Wrestlers in FCW: Why do indy wrestlers signed by WWE go to FCW even though they are not officially ‘rookies?’ To essentially go through orientation on a variety of matters plus, as a rule, everyone’s work needs to be tweaked to some degree. Being successful in the independent scene certainly helps one’s career, w/o fail, but that alone doesn’t make one a ready to go fit for WWE.

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