​Backstage Update – More On Alberto Del Rio’s Stabbing, Paige Involved?, & More


Yesterday it was reported that there were conflicting reports in regards to Alberto El Patron’s (Alberto Del Rio) stabbing from over the weekend. Both Dave Meltzer (Wrestling Observer) and Ryan Satin (Pro Wrestling Sheet) state that the San Antonio Police have no record of the alleged attack involving a high-profile celebrity. Also, there has been no local media coverage in San Antonio of a local celebrity being attacked by a “drunken, homeless man.” Alberto’s girlfriend (WWE star) Paige was apparently there when the alleged attack happened, but MLW’s account of the incident did not mention that she was there, and their report was an account directly from Alberto.

In a new report from The Record, Del Rio says that Paige was there. According to that report, Alberto and Paige were in the parking lot of a restaurant when a drunken homeless man approached them. Alberto said that he turned his back to the man, who pulled out a knife and attacked. Alberto fought with his attacker and they went to the ground, which is where Alberto got stabbed. This is where Paige reportedly got involved and got thrown by the attacker. Alberto went to check on her and that is when the attacker got away.

This report conflicts with the MLW story, which had the following story…

The attack happened in San Antonio, Texas on Saturday. There was a confrontation after a driver ran into Patron’s car, the two had words over the accident and then as Patron tried to leave to make his flight to Mexico, the man attacked him with a knife. Patron was able to take the man down, and got the knife away from him, but the man got away.

Due to the attack, Alberto missed the AAA Heroes Immotales show, which led to AAA being upset. Alberto claimed that he could not contact AAA until Monday morning about the incident because he lost his phone during the incident. But many are questioning why Paige wouldn’t have used her phone to try and contact AAA.

More on the story as it develops.

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