Backstage Update On Last Night’s WWE RAW Script


Source: The Wrestling Observer

Here are some notes from last night’s WWE RAW script. WWE planned and waited to have the TLC title match between CM Punk and Ryback start exactly when halftime began of the BCS National Title game. Due to this, The Big Show vs. Kofi Kingston match was almost entirely cut. WWE wanted to have the World Champion on the show, so they did the very short match with Show beating Kofi by KO in just a few seconds.

CM Punk’s promo prior to the commercial break was not originally scheduled. This was added at the last minute due to changes they had made earlier in the show.

Overall, the company considered the episode a success and got what they wanted from a storyline standpoint; which was getting The Rock vs. CM Punk feud started, but at the same time, they didn’t outshine next week’s 20th anniversary show.

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