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NewsBackstage Update On Numerous New WWE Talents

Backstage Update On Numerous New WWE Talents

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Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Donny Marlow, the son of former WWE star Haku, debuted on WWE Superstars last week. He appeared alongside Hunico as a “mystery man” on the show. WWE officials feel he has potential but he’s 33 years old which could be an issue down the road. Nonetheless, WWE officials felt it was time to “take the training wheels off” and had him debut last week.

— As noted earlier, Seth ‘Tyler Black’ Rollins is going on the road with WWE next week. He’s seen in FCW as the star with the most potential despite not being as “polished” as they’d like. The hope is that he’ll be able to “connect with the crowds” at upcoming WWE live events.

— Dean ‘Jon Moxley’ Ambrose is another FCW star who is being praised as one of the best workers in developmental. One source says “Ambrose can talk and is a better worker than many of WWE’s main eventers.”

— With Daniel Bryan and CM Punk’s recent success on the main roster as well as the potential of Ambrose and Rollins, the stigma behind being an “indy” worker is not as bad as it was even six months ago.

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