Backstage Update on Ronda Rousey Returning to WWE


According to a report from Sportskeeda, Ronda Rousey may be making a return to her typical brand of Monday Night Raw when she is ready to come back.

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The significance of this is with SmackDown moving to FOX, there were many rumors of Ronda Rousey heading over to team blue as she would be a major star to market around for the brand’s move to network television.

The report states that due to Paul Heyman being named Executive Director of Raw and Ronda Rousey working so closely with Paul Heyman in the past, it is like we Ronda will now stay with Paul so that she can be in a more comfortable environment.

Of course, this is assuming that brand lines are more seriously drawn when Ronda is ready to return as, with the Wild Card rule, Ronda can be on both shows very easily.

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