Backstage Update On Several Names In The Latest Round Of WWE Releases


A new report from Fightful has offered an update on if there were any plans in place for several names in the recent batch of WWE releases.

According to the report, Nia Jax was on hiatus from the company on what she described as a “mental health break” and after being initially scheduled to return in mid-November, she asked for additional time away. WWE’s creative team also had some rough plans in place for her return, but nothing long-term.

In the case of Eva Marie, WWE had no plans for her return to the company. This was also the case when Marie was first signed with the company. Marie agreed on the terms of her return in October 2020, but the plans for her pairing with Doudrop did not come about until March of 2021. Following this, Marie did not appear in a vignette until May.

Jeet Rama was unfortunately seen as “expendable” by the company. This came after WWE’s expansion in India was hindered due to the pandemic, as well as Rama being in his 40s.

Finally, it was reported that both Gran Metalik and Oney Lorcan had asked for their releases. Lorcan’s request happened in the fall of 2019 and was denied by the company, whereas Metalik had submitted his request within the last few months. Metalik’s tag partner Lince Dorado, who was also released, had not requested his release as of October of last year.

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