Backstage Update On Several WWE Lawsuits Inside


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Here are the latest updates on several WWE lawsuits:

* WWE has reportedly requested an extension in time to respond to a lawsuit filed against them by Landmark Technology, LLC. Landmark is alleging that the programming used by WWE on their online store was infringing on Landmark’s patented software. The lawsuit was filed in Texas.

* A lawsuit brought against WWE by James Papas over music he wrote for WCW, including the “Badstreet USA” theme, has a trial set for 9/22/14. The trial is expected to last four weeks. The court is said to be giving both sides until 1/31/14 to finish their Discovery. Both sides have until October of this year to attempt to mediate the issue. Papa’s alleges that WWE has been using WCW theme songs without permission and that credit and royalties for them being erroneously credited instead to WWE’s composer James Johnston. This case is filed in Texas.

* Adam Green, former WWE Digital Producer who is suing the WWE and the Big Show, has filed a motion to request that his lawsuit be remanded back to Arizona State court on 6/10. WWE tried to have the case moved to Federal Court. Green is now alleging that WWE put him into a dangerous situation with the Big Show by demanding he film an interview backstage. In the interview, Show lost his temper and forced Green to film it over again. Green claims that he had to quit because he was too scared to continue working for the company and that he was not paid for his involvement in the video that aired on After the court rules on Green’s request, WWE will have 14 days to respond to his claims.

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