Backstage Update on Top WWE Superstars Wanting Out, Contacting AEW


As many of you know, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) continues to have many wrestling fans excited about the future following their “Double or Nothing” pay-per-view event and the almost immediate sellout of their “All Out” event in August. As you’d imagine, many wrestling talents, including those who currently work for WWE, ROH and Impact! Wrestling, are interested in what AEW has to offer.

According to Dave Meltzer, “The amount of people who have contacted AEW would blow your mind. There are people in WWE who are counting down the days.” One example of this is “The Good Brothers,” who are more than likely leaving WWE later this year when their contracts expire. There are other “top names” who “you wouldn’t believe” that are also looking into their post-WWE options.

With that being said, some WWE talents whose contracts are expiring are getting “ridiculous offers to stay,” which is “more money than these guys have ever made in their lives.” In spite of that, these talents, some of whom already work in AEW, can’t believe they turned down such huge offers from WWE considering their statuses when they were there.

There are said to be “numerous” wrestlers in WWE who are not interested in re-signing with the promotion and would turn down big money offers because they are simply miserable backstage and on the road. This makes AEW a much more attractive prospect for unhappy Superstars, who would likely make less money there if they leave WWE. But they would be more creatively fulfilled as performers and potentially make more money than they would in WWE if they get over and become a big star.

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