Backstage Update On WrestleMania 29 Plans – Cena/Rock/Punk


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— The rumored TLC PPV main event next month is CM Punk vs Mick Foley as we noted late last night here on the website. This is different from what Foley told ESPN last month when he said he thinks he wrestled his last match. WWE began planning the match on RAW when Punk and Foley exchanged promos even though they’re not in the same match at Survivor Series. TLC is in Foley’s home market in New York.

Punk vs. Foley in a non-title match would bridge the gap between Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble, when The Rock challenges the WWE champion. That will be Punk unless WWE puts the title on John Cena or Ryback at the PPV.

— There are two possible routes that WWE will use for CM Punk vs. The Rock PPV match. This could easily change much like the finish to Hell in A Cell.

The first option would be for Punk to retain until the Rumble, where The Rock wins and there is either Rock vs. Cena II or Rock vs. Punk II at WrestleMania.

The second option would be to have Cena win the title before the Rumble, Rock wins the title from Cena (or Punk costs Rock the title match) and Rock vs Punk for the WWE title (or non-title) at WrestleMania.

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