Backstage Update On WWE In Japan – Several Not Happy & More


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The recent WWE tour of Japan had a lot of positives but there were a lot of complaints about the advertising for the events. Although this happens often in the United States, changes to live event cards in Japan is considered a very big deal. WWE had been advertising a Rey Mysterio vs. Daniel Bryan match that never took place. Many fans and even the promoters were ticked off that the match was advertised but never happened.

Speaking of Japan, there were many people in the Japanese wrestling industry who had no idea that John Laurinaitis had recently lost a lot of his real-life backstage duties within WWE. Many promoters and management people from Japan were pitching ideas to him about how the promotion could better serve the Japanese territory. Several promoters pitched ideas, including how WWE could support their territory by sending American wrestlers over there to work a full-time schedule while also signing top Japanese talents and putting them on TV. As of right now, there appears to be little interest on WWE’s part.

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