Backstage Update On WWE Recently Contacting Top Women’s MMA Fighter


Although she hasn’t expressed much interest in pro wrestling, Kayla Harrison has apparently been in light talks with WWE.

As previously reported, the Olympic medalist and undefeated women’s MMA fighter made an appearance for AEW during the Inner Circle vs. American Top Team rivalry, but was not complimentary of the experience after the fact. is reporting that WWE has recently contacted Harrison’s manager, Ali Abdel Aziz.

While the details aren’t clear yet what the talks are in regards to, Harrison has mentioned in a recent interview with Renee Paquette and Miesha Tate that she has no interest in wrestling.

Kayla Harrison stated the following during the aforementioned interview with Paquette and Tate: “It would just be too easy, don’t you think? There are levels and we would just be on a different level. That’s why I’m not interested. Because, what’s the fun in that? I want an actual challenge. Going and beating up people who hang out in their mom’s basement is like, ‘cool.’ I would beat up all the guys on those rosters, 100%. I know everyone’s like, ‘Oh, girls can’t beat up guys.’ Chris Jericho? I would eat him for breakfast. Are you kidding me? That old, washed-up has-been, are you kidding me? I would grab him by his hair and throw him around. I could do that. No problem. It wouldn’t even be a work, it would be real. That’s what I’m saying.”

We will keep you posted here at as updates regarding Kayla Harrison and WWE continue to surface.

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