Backstage Update – Plans For The McMahon Family Angle


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The general feeling backstage is that the McMahon family angle on RAW will conclude with Triple H taking all the power and control from Vince McMahon. The USA Network notified WWE several months ago that they wanted more of the McMahons on TV in an effort to help WWE’s slumping ratings. As noted earlier here on the website, several of WWE’s current storylines are based on real-life situations and this is one of them.

There is also talk within WWE that we’ll see Vince McMahon vs. Triple H at WWE’s SummerSlam pay-per-view. The idea behind the match would be for the power struggle between McMahon/HHH to continue over the summer with both finally getting fed up with each other and “settling it” in the ring. Stephanie McMahon has been talked about as being the special guest referee as she’s playing the “neutral/not taking sides” role. We’ll see if this actually happens but it has been talked about in recent creative meetings. PLEASE keep in mind that nothing is confirmed as of this writing.

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