Backstage Update – Ric Flair’s WWE Return + Storyline?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Monday Night on RAW, AJ Lee was removed as the General Manager of RAW. The idea of AJ being removed as RAW General Manager was scripted months ago, as far back as late August. At the time, Ric Flair was to be brought in as the new authority figure. With next Monday’s RAW taking place from Charlotte, North Carolina, there’s more speculation that Flair will be returning as we reported yesterday here on the website.

However, just a few days ago, people in WWE were under the impression that WWE won’t sign Flair until they were certain it would not hurt their case in the ongoing TNA vs. WWE lawsuit. WWE is being very careful about not playing into TNA’s argument that “WWE is tampering with TNA talent.” At this time, they won’t even let Jerry Brisco visit his son Wes in Orlando because it could be seen as a WWE executive meeting with a TNA contracted wrestler.

The feeling is that Flair will be joining WWE as soon as possible, but some people in WWE have been surprised that Vince McMahon is being so cautious about the situation. The thought is that the old Vince would not be intimidated by anybody and would have done whatever he wanted.

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