Backstage Update: Steve Austin vs. CM Punk?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

For what it’s worth, there are people within WWE who feel that a match between CM Punk vs. Steve Austin match will never take place. That includes WrestleMania 30 and beyond. Austin is currently recovering from a major knee surgery and his body is still banged up from years of in-ring abuse. He’s also 47 years old and has neck issues. He isn’t ruling out another match but many are skeptical.

All of the recent references to Steve Austin by CM Punk are strictly to hype the WWE ’13 video game.

According to sources, the CM Punk “respect” storyline is based around a future match with The Undertaker. This is expected to be a major angle at some point in 2013.

WWE Champion CM Punk responded to “Stone Cold” Steve Austin’s one-minute video on Tuesday referring to him as “a damn joke” and plan to address his dismissive remarks on Raw Monday in greater detail.

“I listened for broken glass,” Punk wrote on Twitter in response to Joey Styles plugging the video and writing, “LISTEN FOR THE BROKEN GLASS!”

Punk continued, “All I heard was a broken record. Speaking of broken records… #325.”

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