Backstage Update – Why Top WWE Superstars Were Removed From WrestleMania 36


We previously reported here on eWn that several WWE Superstars had been pulled from WrestleMania 36. They include Roman Reigns, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Murphy, and Dana Brooke. Here are some updates:

Roman Reigns showed up to the TV tapings to film his contract signing with Goldberg. That was set to air on this week’s SmackDown broadcast. It was then learned that The Miz was sick. The Usos and Roman Reigns privately discussed the matter and there are conflicting reports on whether the Usos convinced him to pull out of the show or whether Reigns did it himself. We know the Usos weren’t happy, though. Reigns went to WWE officials and told them he wasn’t comfortable performing due to his lymphoma having compromised his immune system. That’s when WWE obliged and called off the match.

As far as The Miz is concerned, WWE officials immediately pulled him from the show once they learned he was sick. He was sent home from the building. As of this writing, the nature of his illness is unknown.

Dana Brooke showed up to work about a week ago and she was sick so WWE told her to go home and self-quarantine.

Rey Mysterio wasn’t backstage at the TV tapings because he was already feeling sick and WWE had already told anyone who was feeling sick to not show up.

Andrade is dealing with a rib injury and it is not related to the coronavirus.

It should be noted that Brock Lesnar hasn’t been removed from WrestleMania 36 despite his diverticulitis issues. Several doctors claim diverticulitis isn’t a risk factor for COVID-19.

(h/t – Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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