Backstage Update – WWE’s New Head Writer


Partial Source: Pwinsider

UPDATE: David Kreizman was a writer on All My Children and has been WWE for about four or five months; he has been well-received thus far. There is further talk of hiring writers with soap backgrounds due to their strength in writing weekly episodic television.

In addition, Brian Gewirtz has been more involved in creative, but that is specifically in regard to the Rock heading into WrestleMania as opposed to him returning to a head writer position. At this time, Paul Heyman’s contract is only as a performer and there have been no moves to make him a part of creative, though he gives input to talent who ask for help.

ORIGINAL: Former WWE creative member Court Bauer has tweeted that David Kreizman has been promoted to the position of head writer for WWE. Here is what he posted…

David Kreizman, who started with #WWE months ago is now a WWE head writer. He is a Daytime Emmy award winning soap opera writer.

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