Backstage Update: WWE Wants Bruno Sammartino


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer


As was reported yesterday, WWE tried to get Bruno Sammartino to agree to be inducted into next year’s WWE Hall of Fame as a headliner, only to have Sammartino’s people issue a statement denying it once news broke.

According to reports, Triple H actually called Sammartino to convince him to accept the offer. Sammartino has serious and long-standing issues with Vince McMahon so Triple H contacted him and told him not to worry about Vince and to think about his legacy and educating today’s audience about his career instead. Bruno was said to be “not impressed.”

As noted yesterday, Sal Corrente sent the following statement out on behalf of Sammartino in regard to rumors that WWE was inviting him to be inducted into the 2013 Hall of Fame:

We understand that word has broken on the Internet regarding “The Living Legend” Bruno Sammartino being inducted in to the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Since word has broken publicly, I can confirm that we have been contacted. I have been asked by Bruno Sammartino to announce that he will NOT be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013.

“The Big Cheese” Sal Corrente

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