Backstage Updates: HHH/HBK, Lesnar/Cena, Tensai/Punk


Brock Lesnar’s signing with WWE caused major changes to the match results of WrestleMania 28. For one, the outcome specifics of Hell in a Cell were changed quite a bit, as one of the top potential matches being discussed for next year’s WrestleMania was Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels. The plan was to announce the match on last week’s RAW, but when Brock was signed WWE decided to scrap the plans for the time being as they wanted Lesnar’s return to close out RAW. The feeling was that WWE felt a match being made between HHH and Michaels a year in advance would be big and should also end RAW. The company is now holding off on the potential match because with Lesnar and The Rock both likely involved at WrestleMania 29, the company didn’t want to paint themselves into a corner in terms of booking options for Michaels and HHH. The match isn’t completely off the table, but sources say the possibility won’t be revisited until WrestleMania 29 is closer. Shawn Michaels also continues to claim his in-ring career is 100% over.

Another change from Lesnar’s signing was the plan for John Cena and Lord Tensai. Lord Tensai was expected to have his first feud with Cena, but the company wants Lesnar’s first feud to be with Cena so Tensai will likely work with CM Punk or someone else. Whether it changed the actual match result of Cena vs. Rock is unknown, but there is a lot of speculation that Cena’s loss was set later during WrestleMania weekend in order to set up Cena’s reaction the next night on RAW, holding audience’s anticipation for the end of the show when Lesnar returned.

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