Backstage Updates On CM Punk & RAW, Plans, & More


Source: The Wrestling Observer

For those wondering, CM Punk was not backstage at RAW last night and was obviously not in the script that they aired last night. One member of WWE’s creative team says nobody was told anything about Punk but many expected him to at least be backstage and a surprise return was possible. Numerous WWE employees didn’t know for sure that Punk wouldn’t be on the show until late Monday evening and even then, people were skeptical that he was being kept hidden.

Also, the reason last night’s WWE RAW broadcast opened the way it did is because the company felt that if they didn’t address the CM Punk situation right out of the gate, the chants would have become worse as the show went on. The feeling was that if they addressed the situation at the start of the show and then continued on with big angles, the crowd would settle down. That seemed to be the case last night although there were scattered “CM Punk” chants throughout the broadcast.

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