Backstage WWE Tryout News – Who Was Signed?, ROH?


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter


As reported previously, the only person that WWE signed thus far from the recent tryout held in Florida was 25-year-old Dylan Miley, who is a bodybuilder with a 37-inch vertical leap. Apparently, others who were involved in the tryout were told that they will be signed as well.

As far as former Ring Of Honor standouts Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are concerned, neither have heard anything from WWE as of October 8th, despite the fact that both guys have people within the company who would like to see them signed.

Other wrestlers at the tryout, including Sean Burke, Tony Delfonzo and Todd Hanson, received e-mails on October 7th from the company stating that they should stay in touch with WWE, but that they are not going to be signed this time around.

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