Bad News Barrett Talks About His Feud With Dean Ambrose & Not Having A WrestleMania Moment Yet


WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett recently spoke with over the weekend in Abu Dhabi. Here are the highlights.

On Dean Ambrose wanting a title match with him:
“He is sniffing around at the moment. As far as I am concerned he is not a worthy champion in WWE, but I might end up accepting it [Ambrose’s challenge] just to teach him a lesson. We will see about that. If I do get in the ring with Dean Ambrose I promise you I am going to smash his head in with a bullhammer. I mean I am going to be Intercontinental champion for a long time, don’t worry about that.”

On not having a WrestleMania moment yet: “I am always down for being on WrestleMania. It is kind of a tough spot to get on to as we have a lot of legends that comeback for matches and it is sometimes very difficult to get on the card. But I would love to have a match. I think my ideal WrestleMania match would be me against Sheamus in a retirement match. I would get him out of the WWE for good so we would never have to look at his stupid face again.”

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